surf support : technical plug

surf support : technical plug

Our products Swell & Wood, responsible and 100% French.

Swell & Wood creates hand-crafted rack for surf boards to integrate in to the home.

Swell & Wood’s natural and eco-responsible wood supports have been designed with superior materials and a solid structure to hold boards of all sizes. . Their classic shape and  varied colors, inspired by the movement of a wave, ensures maximum stability of boards hung on walls. Our diversity of styles allows these wood supports to blend perfectly into all types of interiors.

Each support is imagined, designed and manufactured in our workshop in France. Our cabinetmaker creates all supports carefully by hand, ensuring premium  craftsmanship.
Depending on the dimensions or intended use of the wall support, each wall support is integrated with a reinforcing rod in between the different woods to allow for additional stability and ensure the longevity of our products.

Each hand-crafted wall support is marked by our stamp with the symbol of Swell & Wood guaranteeing the authenticity and the quality of our work. All wall supports are delivered with the hardware kit needed for assembly.